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Bonsai Trees Premium Assorted
Premium Bonsai Trees Assorted Subject to Availability You can contact us at or tel:646-872-3991 anytime to receive an updated list of what Bonsais are in the Greenhouse. When you choose a Bonsai Tree...
$90.00 - $185.00
Ficus altissima Yellow Gem Pot
Ficus altissima Yellow Gem Assorted
Ficus altissima Yellow Gem Ficus altissima yellow gem assorted 4" $20 Ficus altissima yellow gem assorted 6" $35 Ficus altissima yellow gem assorted 8" $75 Ficus altissima yellow gem assorted 10" $80 Ficus altissima yellow gem assorted...
$20.00 - $350.00
Ficus Audrey Assorted
Ficus Audrey Assorted
Ficus Audrey Buddha meditated under a Ficus Audrey, and was enlightened.  The National Tree of India.  Ficus audrey bush 10" $125 Ficus audrey 14" $350 Ficus audrey column 14" $350 Your Ficus Tree will be in a Grower's Pot,...
$125.00 - $350.00
Palm Neanthe Bella in pot
Ficus Elastica Rubber Tree Assorted
Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree'  These lovable plants come in a Growers Pot. Visit our Planters Containers & Pottery to browse our container offerings! Assorted 4" $15 Assorted 6" $35 Assorted 10" $75 Because it is...
$15.00 - $75.00
Ficus Lyrata Bush 10"
Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig Assorted
Ficus Lyrata 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' Assorted  Ficus lyrata bambino 6" $45 Ficus lyrata bush 4" $15 Ficus lyrata bush 6" $40 Ficus lyrata bush 8" $65 Ficus lyrata bush 10" $75 Ficus lyrata fiddle leaf 8" $45 Ficus lyrata std 10"...
$15.00 - $600.00
Ficus Plant in pot
Ficus Plant Assorted
Ficus! We have assortment of Ficus to choose from, many different styles and sizes. Ficus alii 10" $65 Ficus alii std 14" $235 Ficus benjamina 10" $125 Ficus benjamina braid 12" $150 Ficus benjamina 14" $235 Ficus burgundy...
$15.00 - $550.00
Ficus pumila Creeping Fig
Ficus pumila Creeping Fig
Ficus pumila 'Creeping Fig' Assorted sizes 8" $50 Usually hanging Ficus pumila, commonly known as the creeping fig or climbing fig, is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry family, native to East...