Our firewood is the highest quality packaged kiln-dried firewood on the market. 

It offers the opportunity to experience the ambiance of a real hardwood fire without the worrisome problems that wet, bug infested and decaying wood can bring.

100% all natural mixed hardwood from the Catskill region of NY and Pennsylvania. 

Safe for cooking and has no chemicals added.

Cut from logs only from loggers that use ethical harvesting methods.

Kiln Dried in technologically advanced Kiln Drying ovens. 

Exceeds the USDA, Federal and State requirements of 60 minutes at a temperature of 160 degrees.

After the firewood is dried, it goes through a tumbler that cleans the firewood before moving to its custom packaging line. 

The end result for our consumers is the highest quality packaged firewood available.

  • 100% all natural Pennsylvania and New York State Hardwoods
  • USDA Certified bug free, spore free and mold free
  • New York Approved Treated Firewood/Pest-Free 
  • Meets all Federal and State Quarantine Regulations
  • Packaged in a Tough .75 Cu. Ft. – 4.25 mil bag with an integrated, reinforced handle
  • Kiln-Dried firewood starts easily, burns cleaner, producing less ash and creosote than untreated firewood
  • APHIS Compliant (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, part of the US Dept of Agriculture)

All firewood contains water. 

Fresh cut firewood can contain as much as 50% water! 

Our kiln-dried firewood has 8-12% moisture content.

What are the benefits of this?

Your firewood will start easier, produce more heat and burn cleaner. 

When you burn Green Wood, the heat produced by combustion must dry the wood before it can burn, using a large percentage of the energy available in the process. 

Green Wood is wood that has been recently cut, and therefore has not had an opportunity to season by evaporation of the internal moisture. 

Green Wood contains more moisture than Seasoned Wood, which has been dried through passage of time, or by forced drying in kilns.

Burning Green Wood results in less heat available for heating or cooking.

Burning firewood is no more harmful to the environment than the wood naturally decomposing in the mountains. 

The process does not contribute to greenhouse gases.

A growing tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and into the molecules of the wood. 

When a tree departs Mother Earth and commences its natural decay, it releases carbon back into the atmosphere. 

Burning firewood is a fast reversal of the natural cycle which Mother Nature already does. 

Burning wood is unlike burning fossil fuels such as oil and gas, which releases greenhouse gases into the air that has been buried in the Earth for millions of years.

Our firewood uses a proprietary kiln drying process that eliminates insect infestations.

It has been certified by the US Dept of Agriculture to be bug-free and spore free. 

This is something that is taken very seriously.

Insects inhabit firewood to use as a shelter and a source of food. 

Hundreds of different species of insects such as Emerald Ash Borer, Beetles, Termites and Ants can reside in green and seasoned firewood. 

We dry “HOT” killing all insects, larva and spores, resulting in firewood that is dried to a moisture content of 8-12%. 

The high temperature  of the kilns far exceed USDA requirements on both heat and time the firewood needs to be in the kilns. 

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