Ficus altissima Yellow Gem

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Ficus altissima Yellow Gem

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  5. Ficus altissima yellow gem assorted 12" $195
  6. Ficus altissima yellow gem std 14" $350

Yellow Gem Ficus require watering when the top two inches of soil are dry.

Provide bright indirect light, and a bit of fertilizer to encourage strong growth. 

They are very communicative plants, and will show you when they don’t like their conditions.

Keeping an eye out for dry or yellow leaves, loss of color and brown spots will help you tackle issues early on.

Happy in a standard houseplant potting mix.

They will show signs of overwatering through yellowing leaves.

If they aren’t getting enough water, the tips of the leaves will turn brown and crispy. 

When bringing a new plant home from the nursery, it’s important to know that they are often grown underneath shade cloth oe ina greenhouse.

To prevent burnt leaves, gradually expose your Ficus to a little more sun each day. 

If you immediately place the tree in a bright, sunny spot the leaves will become sunburnt.

Maintain temperatures around 60-68 F.

You can move the tree outside during the summer, but don’t forget to bring the plant in as soon as temperatures begin to fall. 

If you choose to bring your altissima in and out between the seasons, just make sure not to expose the tree to intense changes in temperature.

They will lose all their leaves if exposed to a sharp change in temperature.

You can prune off damaged leaves and influence the shape of the canopy by strategically cutting off specific branches.

Yearly pruning of dead and unnecessary branches will encourage lush foliage.

Wait to prune until late winter or early spring, before new growth begins.

To prune a branch cut it off with sterilized pruning shears above a leaf node or branching stem. 

When pruning, watch out for the white milky substance that will ooze out of the cut.

It is mildly toxic and can irritate your skin, especially if exposed to sunlight.

If you get any of the sap on your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water. 

Ficus altissima will not bloom in indoor conditions.

In the wild, fig-trees have incredibly peculiar flowers and pollination systems where the flowers are essentially inside out.

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