Bonsai Trees Premium Assorted

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Premium Bonsai Trees


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You can contact us at or tel:646-872-3991 anytime to receive an updated list of what Bonsais are in the Greenhouse.

When you choose a Bonsai Tree under Option at the bottom of the page, the corresponding Bonsai photo will appear. 

Our Bonsai Trees cannot stay in inventory, everyone is loving them!

These beautifully curated Bonsai Trees come from a splendid 8 acre farm in Massachusetts, whose only focus is everything Bonsai!

On top of growing their own trees from seed, these Bonsai experts regularly import trees and cuttings from all across Asia and source Bonsai from domestic growers on the West Coast and Florida.

Once they arrive, they’re meticulously cared for by their expert staff in a state-of-the-art facility under the watchful eye of Bonsai Master Jun Imabayashi.

Believed to be the most comprehensive and beautiful collection of bonsai trees in the nation!

If you don't see anything that catches your eye here, let us know and we will procure a fine Bonsai specimen you're sure to fall in love with!

Bonsai Tree size definitions:

Compact - Between 4"-6" (C)

Refined - Between 6"-8" (R)

Premium - Typically 8" and above (P)

We have a bunch of different items that match up with your Bonsai Tree! 

Bonsai Tree Supplemental Items

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