Ficus Audrey

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Ficus Audrey

Buddha meditated under a Ficus Audrey, and was enlightened. 

The National Tree of India. 

  1. Ficus audrey bush 10" $125
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  3. Ficus audrey column 14" $350

Your Ficus Tree will be in a Grower's Pot, which is a polymer container that has nurtured and protected your Aubrey since it was an itsy bitsy seedling in the nursery, before it burst into our beautiful world and arrived at our Greenhouse.

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Ficus Audrey, the Ficus Benghalensis, is the National Tree of India, and goes by many names like Banyan Tree and Bengal Fig.

This species has quite the hallowed history, as legend has it that The Buddha meditated under a Ficus Audrey tree and attained enlightenment.

The Ficus Audrey is a special treelike houseplant that is native to Asia and loves humid, bright (but not too bright) conditions.

It's easier to care for than other popular ficus varieties like the fiddle-leaf fig, but still needs proper amounts of light, water, and fertilizer to thrive.

In their natural habitat, Audrey has one of the largest canopy in the world!

This botany wonder can grow to 100' tall and exhibit an even larger spread.

Ficus Audrey prefers bright, indirect light, so place it in front of an east-facing window, or a couple of feet from a south or west facing window.

Ficus Audrey prefer soil that is consistently and evenly moist, with small periods of drought between waterings.

Allow the top 2”-3” of the soil to dry between waterings.

Allowing the soil to dry more than a few inches will lead to leaf loss.

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