String of Pearls in a Hanging Basket

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String of Pearls/Beads

Most, if not all Pearls are in Hanging Baskets

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If you’re looking for an easy succulent to grow indoors, opt for the String of Pearls/Beads (Senecio rowleyanus).

In addition to its carefree growth habit, this interesting houseplant can provide a unique focal point in the home.

Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, the string of beads plant resembles a beaded necklace with its fleshy green, pea-like foliage.

Also called Rosary String of Beads or String of Pearls, this creeping succulent is an eclectic looking plant that many people enjoy adding to their indoor gardens.

Though the flowers may seem small and unattractive to some people, if they’re even lucky enough to get them, others find the faint white blooms (which smell a bit like cinnamon) quite welcome.

You should provide your String of Pearls/Beads houseplant with average indoor temperatures of 72 degrees F throughout its active growth.

During its dormancy, however, you’ll need to provide cooler conditions, generally somewhere between 50 to 55 degrees F.

This succulent plant is drought tolerant, surviving long periods without water.

Its water-storing abilities allow it to be watered thoroughly one week, and then pretty much forgotten the next week or two.

Watering too often can increase the chances of root rot.

So be sure to let the soil dry out at least half an inch or so between waterings.

In winter, cut back watering to about once monthly.

You may find that pruning becomes necessary as part of your string of pearls care in order to maintain its size or appearance.

This is simple to do.

Trim off any dead stems and pearls, as well as any stems that have lost a lot of their beads.

Pruning back will help promote fuller, more compact plants.

Even better than its ease of care is the fact that you can share the plant with others.

Whenever pruning is in order, you can take advantage of the plant’s easy propagation.

Simply place a cutting or two in a pot of soil and they will easily take root.

Since this succulent plant is considered to be somewhat toxic, it is recommended that care be taken when growing a String of Pearls/Beads houseplant in homes with pets or small children.

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