String of Needles in a Hanging Basket


String of Needles 'Ceropegia linearis' in a Hanging Basket

Size: 4.5" $60

Comes in a Hanging Grower's Pot. 

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Ceropegia linearis, also commonly known as String of Needles, is an easy to care for succulent that features very thin leaves on the characteristic long stems.

Ceropegia linearis is an epiphytic and lithophytic species (grows on trees or rocks) discovered in 1836 by Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer.

 Ceropegia derives from the ancient Greek words for 'wax' and 'fountains', which refers to Carl Linnaeus' initial observation of the overall genus back in 1753.

The specific epithet of 'Linearis' refers to its long blade-like leaves.

Although a location that offers bright, indirect light is best, providing a splash of morning sunlight is highly beneficial, especially during the autumn and winter.

Darker situations will increase the likelihood of leggy juvenile growth, along with the development of potential root rot.

Specimens kept on a shelf where the soil line isn't in view of the natural light will remain moist for longer, which means you must follow the rule of 'drenches between droughts'.

Avoid direct sunlight for more than three hours a day due to the exposed risk of sun-scorch. 

Either water from the top, or submerge the bottom quarter of the pot for several minutes in a saucer of water.

Excess moisture that rests on the leaves that sit above the soil may result in rot, so it's important to keep this area dry. 

Under-watering symptoms include crispy or shrivelled leaves, little to no growth and gradual foliage decline.

Be sure to know its environment - a position that offers too much sunlight will dry out the soil quickly, eventually leading to sun-scorch and dehydration.

Over-watering symptoms include the rapid yellowing of leaves, wilting, mushy leaves/stem, basal rot and plant death. 

Remember these tips and your String of Needles will live happily with you in your home.

A lack of leaves on the soil’s top could be the product of excess moisture.

 Root rot is a common issue among specimens sat in too dark environments with prolonged soil moisture.

Too much sunlight will lead to sun scorch.

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