String of Fish Hooks in a Hanging Basket 6"


String of Fish Hooks

In a Hanging Basket 6" $45

This is an indoor Plant.

Fish Hooks or Fishhooks, is spelled both ways.

Indoors the Fish Hooks like to live in ample sunshine, maybe near a south or west window.

Just be sure to keep it away from hot glass or prolonged exposure to hot summer sun because it will burn.

Remember, those leaves & stems are full of water!

This beauty is best used in hanging baskets & wall pots.

It’s great in mixed container plantings too, but it does wander & hog real estate from other plants.

Fish Hooks grows fast in the warmer weather & even faster if outdoors.


I just read above it is in indoor plant!

Here in the northeast, you can bring your Fish Hooks outside in the warm summer months. 

But once you feel the air temp dipping, bring your Fish Hooks inside. 

As a year round houseplant, the growth will probably be moderate, but still faster than other plants.

If you want to grow this succulent as a houseplant, all you need is nice bright light, and lay off the water.

Whether you grow Fish Hooks indoors or out, make sure you give it room to trail!

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