String of Hearts Assorted

$15.00 - $125.00

String of Hearts!

We have an assortment of the rare String of Hearts.

All are in a Hanging Basket. 

String of Hearts in a Hanging Basket

3" $15

4.5" $25

6" $40

String of Hearts Silver Glory in a Hanging Basket

4.5" $40

6" $125

A beautiful new variety of String of Hearts.

A trailing semi-succulent, native to South Africa.

Produces silver-coloured leaves, edged in a darker shade and may have some purple flushing on the underside.

String of Hearts Variegated in a Hanging Basket

4.5" $55

This plants is the rare variegated version of Chain of Hearts. 

This beauty is a joy to propagate!

Place your String of Hearts where it can receive plenty of bright indirect light. 

Small doses of direct sun are good, however too much direct sun can scorch the leaves.

When you bring your string of hearts home, the first thing you may need to do is to untangle it.

Water string of hearts plants with a generous soak when the potting soil has dried out completely.

Typically, watering string of hearts once every 14 days meets the moisture requirements and allows the soil to dry properly before watering again to avoid root rot.

We do not warranty or guarantee any living plant. No returns or exchanges on live plants. All sales are final on live plants

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