Bonide Captain Jack's Bug & Slug Bait Killer


Bonide Captain Jack's Bug & Slug Killer

Size: 1.5lb

Garden naturals bug and slug killer bait is a vegetable garden essential for preventing damage from pests such as slugs, cutworms, earwigs, snails, pill bugs, sow bugs and crickets.

Just apply the pellets to vegetable, fruit and berry gardens for fast results.

One application lasts up to a month.

Pests are lured from hard to reach areas and quickly terminated with this effective bait.

Pelletized formula is mess-free and easy to apply.

Attracts and kills slugs, snails and other crawling insects.

Approved for organic gardening.

Easy to use pellet formulation.

Kills earwigs, cutworms, slugs and snails.

Lasts to 4 weeks.

Pelleted, 1.5 lb shaker jug.

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