Espoma Organic Palm-tone Palm & Hibiscus Food
Espoma Organic Palm-tone Palm & Hibiscus Food 4-1-5 4lb
For all Palms, Hibiscus and Tropical Plants Size: 4lb Natural & Organic Fertilizer for all Palm and Hibiscus Produces deep green foliage and larger hibiscus blooms Formulated from university recommendations Long lasting, slow-release feeding with our...
Palm Majesty Palm
Palm Majesty Palm 10"
Majesty Palm Majesty Palm 10" $100 Ravenea rivularis, the Majestic Palm, or Majesty Palm, is a species of tree in the family Arecaceae. While often marketed as a "plant" in a pot, in its natural state, the Majesty Palm grows to almost 100'. This...
Palm Neanthe Bella in pot
Palm Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm Assorted
Neanthe Bella Palm Neanthe Bella Palm 4" $15 Neanthe Bella Palm 6" $30  Also known as the Parlor Palm, or Parlour Palm. These tropical rainforest beauties come in a Grower's Pot.  Visit our Planters Containers & Pottery...
$15.00 - $30.00
Palm Ponytail Palm
Palm Ponytail Palm Assorted
Ponytail Palm Ponytail Palm 4" $20 Ponytail Palm 6" $50 Ponytail Palm 10" $125 The pony tail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) makes a surprisingly interesting desktop plant, considering that in nature, it's a full-size tree...
$20.00 - $125.00
Palm Sago Palm
Palm Sago Palm 10"
Sago Palm Sago Palm 10" $90 This is an Indoor Plant. Although sago palms can grow in full sun exposure, they perform best in partially shaded areas. Too much direct sunlight can result in sun burnt foliage and plant stress. Partial shade also...
Palm Trees Assorted
The Palm Plant Assorted sizes and styles Adonidia Palm 3 trunks 14" $300 Areca Palm 12" $195 Bamboo Palm 10" $115 Chinese Fan Palm 10" $100 Chinese Fan Palm 14" $235 Coconut Palm 6" $55 Madagascar Palm 4" $15 Rhapis Lady Palm...
$15.00 - $300.00