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Sago Palm


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This is an Indoor Plant.

Although sago palms can grow in full sun exposure, they perform best in partially shaded areas.

Too much direct sunlight can result in sun burnt foliage and plant stress.

Partial shade also allows the leaves to grow larger, resulting in a bigger plant.

Sago palms also need well-drained soil.

Soggy conditions can cause rot problems, but the soil must retain enough moisture so it doesn't dry too quickly.

A moderately sandy site amended with organic matter, such as compost, works well.

Sago palms require watering only when the soil begins to dry out.

Young plants benefit from regular irrigation so the soil doesn't dry out completely.

Watering every five to seven days when there is no rainfall and supplying enough to moisten the top 12" of soil is sufficient.

Established plants are drought-resistant and rarely require watering.

Pruning is only necessary for aesthetic reasons.

You can remove the cone that grows from the center of the sago carefully, but don't damage the growing point beneath it.

If left in place, the cone breaks apart and falls off on its own as new foliage grows in.

If the old foliage becomes tattered, cut it off close to the trunk after the new leaves have completely unfurled.

Few pests or diseases affect sago palms.

Root rot from overly wet soil is the most common problem, but proper watering and well-drained soil prevents this issue.

Insects rarely affect sagos grown outdoors.

Leaf spotting and yellow, sunburned foliage can also pose a problem if the sago is grown in a full sun location.

Sago palms tolerate temperatures as low as 13 degrees F, but temperatures below 25 F may cause some of the foliage to die.

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