Pilea depressa in a Hanging Basket


Pilea depressa in a Hanging Basket 4.5"

Your Pilea depressa will be in a Grower's Pot, which is a polymer container that has nurtured and protected your PD it was an itsy bitsy seedling in the nursery, before it burst into our beautiful world and arrived at our Greenhouse.

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Pilea depressa is an evergreen ornamental climber.

It is native to Brazil and Mexico.

It produces tiny green leaves with scalloped edges.

Numerous tiny, white, pedal-less flowers grow in the spring.

With the right conditions, Pilea depressa can be a fast growing plant.

It's able to quickly form a thick mat, or long trailing vines, provided it has plenty of moisture and humidity.

Pilea depressa does best in bright, indirect light.

PD's can tolerate some morning direct sun.

Allow soil to dry about halfway before watering.

Pilea depressa likes to remain somewhat moist, but not wet.

Do not let it fully dry out or it won't be happy.

Water it when you feel the potting mix is getting dry about an inch or so down.

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