Malibu Compost Tea for Plants Trees & Shrubs


Malibu Compost

Compost Tea for Plants Trees & Shrubs

Size: 4 pack

Compost is not soil.

It lacks the structure needed for plants to build a strong root system.

Instead, compost is considered a soil amendment.

The compost tea supports the microbes in your soil by giving them the microbial food they need to do their job to “mineralize” the nutrients that are in the organic matter of your soil for uptake into your plants.

This process known as mineralization is what creates and grows abundance and vitality in your garden.

Compost Teas are simple and easy to use and are 100% organic.

It doesn’t have any chemicals in it and doesn’t smell at all.

It is tested for GMOs and best of all, it’s made from Biodynamic Compost which comes from beautiful organic farms.

It has biodynamic preparations, which enhance and strengthen your soil and plants.

Compost tea is the best way for us to mimic nature when it comes to organic gardening!

Your lawn will love it!

Each tea bag makes up to 5 gallons of tea for your plants (20 gallons per package).

Enhances beneficial microbial activity on plants and in soil.

Improves plant resistance to disease and pests.

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