Espoma Potash 0-0-60


Espoma Potash 0-0-60 6lb

An enriched source of potassium.

Promotes plant vigor and disease resistance in all flowering plants, shrubs, trees and vegetables.

For use on flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

Use any time in the growing season – spring application is best.

Never apply fertilizer to frozen ground. 

Be certain to follow all local laws regarding fertilizer application.

For Trees, Shrubs & Vegetables.  Apply 1lb per 100sf.

Individual Plants:  Apply 1 teaspoon around the drip line of the plant.

Always water after feeding.

Do not place fertilizer directly on seeds or plants.

Keep at least 3" away.

Cultivate the fertilizer into soil.

Be careful not to disturb roots or seeds.

Repeat feedings every four weeks throughout the growing season.

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