Ivy English Hedera

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English Ivy Hedera


Hedera colchica Sulphur Heart 4qt $50

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Ivy was dedicated to Bacchus and other gods of ancient civilizations within its range.

Its clinging nature made it a favorite symbol of Victorian fidelity.

There are hundreds of types of ivy varieties of Ivy - some with plain green leaves, others are variegated with yellow, gold or creamy white.

Hedera Helix is a strong vining specimen, with habit and self-clinging tendrils that easily climb walls, pillars, arbors, and fences.

Keep this plant away from heat vents, which will dry out its leaves.

Ivy thrives with moist air and soil.

Cool, moist air and evenly moist soil will help your English Ivy thrive indoors.

Protect it from drafts.

Mist the plant often to keep its leaves from drying out.

Misting also helps to keep away spider mites that love to attack this plant.

Prune it back, if you want to keep your ivy plant to a desired length.

Light pruning can be done any time of year.

Shed some light.

Growing ivy with plenty of bright light will help variegated ivies to keep their color.

Prune off any stems of variegated ivy that reverts to all green.

It will climb as high as it is allowed to!

Higher than Jack's Beanstalk?


Bright light, but no direct sun.

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