Ivy English Hardy Variegated

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English Ivy



English Ivy Variegated 4"-4.5" $15

English Ivy Variegated 8" $40

English Ivy Variegated in a Hanging Basket 10" $50

An easy-care classic, Ivy makes a cheerful addition to any room.

Ivy is a beautiful, leafy houseplant that develops masses of pretty leaves on long trailing stems.

A European native, Ivy prefers a bright location away from direct sun, and water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch.

Ivy also thrives in cool temperatures, making it a good candidate for north-facing windows.

A great plant for homes and offices! 

Ivy likes cool temperatures.

Allow the top inch or so of the soil to dry between watering.

It's best to keep this houseplant a little too dry than a little too wet.

Fertilize Ivy a few times a year, in spring and summer, to keep it healthy.

Use a general-purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplant use.

Remove faded leaves to keep it looking its best.

Ivy can spend the summer outdoors on a shaded deck or patio.

Ivy looks beautiful when planted with blooming summer annuals.

Bring the plant indoors as the weather cools down.

Most, if not all container Ivy cannot withstand a freeze!

While most types of ivy are frost tolerant, when growing in containers they lack access to the soil's protection.

Therefore, Ivy in the ground will withstand lower temperatures than Ivy in pots, which makes containerized (yes, containerized is a word!) Ivy more susceptible to very cold temperatures.

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