Fern Maidenhair

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Maidenhair Fern

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Adiantum, the maidenhair fern, is a genus of about 250 species of ferns in the subfamily Vittarioideae of the family Pteridaceae, though some researchers place it in its own family, Adiantaceae.

The genus name comes from Greek, meaning "unwetted", referring to the fronds' ability to shed water without becoming wet.

Your best bet to ensure that your thirsty maidenhair fern thrives is to focus on giving it multiple water sources.

Consistently moist soil is a great place to start.

From there, be sure to water your fern regularly, either daily or every other day, never allowing the soil to dry out.

When growing maidenhair fern indoors, the plant prefers small containers, and dislikes repotting.

Maidenhair ferns grow very well in pots, with a typical soilless potting mix providing the ideal growing medium.

This arrangement allows them to be grown outdoors on a patio or deck for the warm months, and then brought indoors for winter.

Maidenhair is also intolerant of low humidity or dry air from heating or cooling vents when grown in the home.

Therefore, you will either need to mist the plant daily, or set it on a water-filled pebble tray.

Maidenhair ferns need to be in a very bright position.

Look for a spot where there is enough natural (indirect) light that you don't have to use any artificial lighting to be in the space comfortably.

If the room is a bit darker, try to keep the fern closer to a window, to maximize how much light it receives.

Maidenhair has many uses. 

People use it to make medicine.

Maidenhair fern is used for bronchitis, coughs, whooping cough, and heavy menstruation with cramps.

It is also used to loosen chest congestion.

Some people apply maidenhair fern directly to the scalp for hair loss, and to make hair darker.

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