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Foxtail Fern 

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Foxtail Fern, scientific name Asparagus densiflorus, is a perennial herb, native to the coastal areas along the southeastern Cape of South Africa.

The genus Asparagus was first recorded in 1686.

Foxtail ferns are not, in reality, ferns, but are instead a member of the lily family.

They are related to the asparagus fern, which is also a member of the lily family.

Foxtail Ferns produce arching two foot 'fronds' of dense light green needles, creating the illusion of a pack of upright fox tails.

Foxtail Ferns are very similar to Sprenger's Asparagus, except the growth habit is much denser.

In the garden they will grow 2' tall with a spread of 3' to 4'.

Foxtail ferns have delicate looking needles that make a good indoor plant to add color and freshness to a room.

It adds textural contrast to perennial beds and borders.

Long, plume-like stems hold soft, needle-like leaves.

Develops red berries in fall.

An excellent choice for hanging baskets and containers.

Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system.

For a neat appearance, remove old and faded stems.

Divide clumps every 2 to 3 years in early spring.

Prune in the fall.

It is considered toxic to domestic cats.

Foxtail fern is not only toxic if ingested.

The plant itself can cause skin irritation, especially if your pet repeatedly rubs against it.

Irritation usually subsides after several minutes, but the plant should be kept out of reach of pets.

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