Espoma Organic Lawn Food 18-0-3


Espoma Organic Lawn Food 18-0-3

Size: 20lb bag $27.99

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 Organic based, for all seasons.

Premium formula designed for safe, easy lawn feeding.

It provides slow release nitrogen for extended feeding and is granular, non-burning, and easy to apply.

For use on all lawns.

Cool season grasses including bluegrass, fine fescue, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass.

Warm season grasses including bentgrass, bermudagrass, St. Augustine grass, zoysiagrass, and centipede grass.

Feed any time grass is actively growing.

• Cool season grass: Feed 3-4 times each year: Early Spring, Late Spring (optional), Early Fall and Late Fall.
• Warm season grass: Feed 4-5 times each year: Late Winter, Early Spring, Late Spring, Late Summer, and Fall.

Apply to a dry lawn that has recently been mowed.

Use a drop or broadcast spreader and be certain to overlap slightly to prevent striping.

Water lightly after the application if rain is not expected within 24 hours.

Established Lawns:

Feed at a rate of 3.3lbs per 1,000sf.

New Lawns:

Over-seeding: Feed at a rate of 4lbs per 1,000sf.

Seed can be sown on the same day of application.

Sodding: Apply to the finished grade soil prior to installation at a rate of 4lbs per 1,000sf. 

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