Espoma Organic Vermiculite


Espoma Organic Vermiculite

Size: 8qt

  • All natural – 100% pure.
  • Loosens Soils & Prevents Compaction
  • Aerates Soils for Better Root Growth

For Seed Starting or blending a custom potting mix.

Helps loosen heavy soils and prevents compaction.

For Potting Soil: 

To improve heavy soil, mix one part soil to one part Vermiculite.

To blend your own potting media, mix two parts Peat Moss with one part compost, and one part Vermiculite.

For Seed Starting:

  • Fill a shallow container with Pete Moss, or blend of 80% Peat and 20% Perlite or Vermiculite.
  • Peat pots or special seed starting trays with drainage holes make transplanting easier.
  • Wet the mix and allow to drain.
  • Plant seeds according to package directions. Please container and warm, bright location (avoid direct sunlight).
  • Keep soil moist by misting with a spray bottle.
  • When the plant develops its first leaves, transplant into a larger container or outdoors in a prepared bed.
  • Note: Dig seedlings out of its mix and handle with care to avoid damaging the fragile stem in route system.

For Root Cuttings:

  • Fill a flat or other clean container with Peat Moss, or a blend of 80% Peat and 20% Vermiculite, and wet the mix.
  • Make a hole with a pencil, gently insert the cutting and pat the soil to close the hole.
  • Keep soil moist and out of direct sunlight until roots are developed and the plant can be transplanted.



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