Espoma Organic Garden Gypsum


Espoma Organic Garden Gypsum

Size: 6lb

Pelletized for easy application.

Loosens heavy clay soils.

Helps cure turf burns from ice-melters and pets.

Comprised of 100% natural and organic ingredients, these products are pure plant food with no fillers or sludge.

They enrich your garden with the best the earth has to offer.

Can be used any time in the growing season. 

Never apply fertilizers or amendments to frozen soil.

Approved for organic gardening!

Garden Beds: Apply 6 lbs. per 30 square feet into top 6 inches of soil
Shrubs: Apply 3 lbs. (5 ¼ cups) per plant
Flowers: Apply 1 lb. (1 ¾ cups) per plant
Lawns: Apply 36 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. Double rate for exceptionally heavy clay.

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