Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus 4-3-3

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ORGANIC Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus Mycorrhizae 4-3-3


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An all natural plant food enhanced with bacteria.

Works naturally within the soil to help plants establish fast, withstand environmental stress, promote deeper roots and better blooms, and improve soil structure.

Includes both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae.

You can use this product on everything you plant. 

Use at time of planting to help produce large root systems very quickly. 

This will help ensure that new plantings get maximum water and nutrients from the soil to minimize transplant loss.

Flower Beds: Mix 4 lbs. (12 cups) per 100 square feet into the top 4” to 6” of soil.
Bulbs: Place 1 tsp. per bulb in the hole prior to planting.
Potting Mixes: Mix 9 lbs. per cu. yd. or 1 cup per cu. ft.
New Lawns: Apply 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. prior to seeding or installing sod.

Bio-tone Starter Plus Application Table:

Plant Size Cups Lbs.
Up to Two Gallon 1 1/3
Five Gallon 2 2/3
Fifteen Gallon 4 1-1/3
24″ Ball 6 2
36″ Ball 24 8
48″ Ball 30 10
  • Planting Beds:  Mix into the top 4-6″ of soil prior to planting.
  • Trees & Shrubs:  Mix into the soil used to backfill the planting hole.
  • Potting Mixes:  Mix thoroughly into the soil mix prior to planting.
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