Begonia Rex


Begonia Rex


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Rex is native to the tropical rainforest of the island Java.

This vine will grow up to 3' in containers.

Its heart-shaped leaves are dark green in color, and feature silver patterns and red undersides.

Due to its interesting patter on the long, wide leaves, it is commonly known as Rex begonia vine.

This is because it features showy patterns on the leaves, resembling the hybrids of the painted leaf begonia.

Cissus discolor, or the rex begonia vine, is a species of Cissus found in Southeast Asia in China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand at elevations of 1950' to 6500'.

Thanks to its large, striking leaves and climbing growth, Cissus discolor has become a popular houseplant.

It's not the fastest grower, and it is difficult to care for as a houseplant.

To enjoy full, colorful foliage, give the plant lots of warmth, sunshine and display the Cissus discolor in a hanging basket.

Native to Brazil, the Cissus Amazonica, or Amazon Jungle Vine, is a vining plant that thrives in bright, indirect light, 70-80% humidity, and a consistent watering schedule.

This plant has beautiful, deep green leaves shaped like an arrow and can trail or climb!

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