Begonia Brevirimosa


Begonia Brevirimosa


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Some consider this beauty a rare find.

Begonia brevirimosa is a species of flowering plant in the family Begoniaceae.

It is native to New Guinea.

The pink variegation occurs naturally.

It can reach up to 9'-10' tall under optimal conditions. 

A common house plant domestically, in the wilds it is abundant in the understory of tropical rain forest habitats.

Watered when the top 2"-3" of soil is dry, which is approximately every 7-10 days.

If they wilt, your BB will pop right back up within a few hours of watering.

Do not mist, it can cause problems with powdery mildew. 

Begonias love the addition of phosphorus-potassium and nitrogen to the soil, so coffee grounds are an excellent substitute for chemical fertilizers. 

Coffee grounds help them develop buds and inflorescences.

A Brevirimosa in particular require ample, consistent humidity.

They strongly dislike any whisper of a draft.

Also not a fan of direct sun, instead provide bright but filtered light.

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