African Violet

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African Violet


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African violets (saintpaulia) are known for their pretty little flowers with yellow centers. 

Despite their name, the African violet doesn’t belong to the violet family, the Violaceae.

AV's actually belong to the Gesneriaceae family, which includes other flowering houseplants.

The plant is native to tropical rain forests in Tanzania, Africa. 

African violets can grow to 2' to 6' in height and about 6"-12" wide!

It produces clusters of violet, purple, pale blue, white or bi-colored flowers with hairy leaves.

They can survive low light situations, but do best in bright, but indirect sunlight.

Place near a sunny, east window. 

Keep soil moist, but not soggy.

Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Avoid getting the leaves wet, as it can cause permanent spotting.

Like other houseplants, keep plant away from drafts. 

Because African violets are native to tropical rainforests in Africa, they do best in humid environments.

Place a humidifier or bowl of water nearby to increase humidity.

Why bring home an African Violet?

Because it's one of the easiest houseplant to grow!

Perfect for beginners! 

African violets are non-toxic for cats and dogs.

A great houseplant for pet owners.

It can tolerate low-light environments and can survive under artificial lights. 

Long lasting flowers, and blooms frequently, for year round color and beauty.

Easy to propagate to share with others; they can be propagated through a single rooted leaf! 

The hairs on the leaves helps the African violet absorb water from the air.

Fun Flower Facts about the African Violet:

The scientific name Saintpaulia was named after Baron Walter von Saint Paul, the man who discovered the plant in 1892.

One of the most popular houseplants in the world. 

In many cultures, the African violet is a traditional gift given to mothers for Mother’s Day.

As abundant as they are as cultivated plants, several of the native species are considered endangered or threatened, due to deforestation.

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