Terrarium Glass Cloche

$29.99 - $69.99

Terrarium Glass Cloche

Assorted sizes

This is a beautiful terrarium glass cloche!

3 different sizes to choose from: (LxH)

5" (4.75"x6")         $29.99
7"  (7"x8.25")        $59.99
10" (10"x11 3/8")   $69.99

You can plant tropical plants, succulents, or just moss - or simply a potted African Violet or Fern!

A striking variation on typical terrariums, the glass cloche gets its name from the French word for bell.

This domed glass vessel makes a happy home for potted plants, natural curios and other home accents.

Fun, modernized take on terrariums.

Built-in holes on cloche limit fogginess.

Simply lift cloche off terrarium when you want to water or mist or plants!

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