Skip Laurel Prunus Schipkaensis

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Skip Laurel

Prunus Schipkaensis

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Skip Laurel features showy racemes of fragrant white flowers rising above the foliage in mid spring.

It has attractive dark green evergreen foliage.

The glossy pointy leaves are highly ornamental, and remain dark green throughout the winter.

The fruits are showy black drupes displayed in midsommar.

Skip laurel is a variety of cherry laurel, with the primary difference being leaf size and shrub size.

Skip laurel is an evergreen shrub that is smaller than Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus).

Compared to a cherry laurel, skip laurel has smaller leaves that are more pointed and lance-shaped than cherry laurel leaves.

They thrive in full sunlight, but will also fare very well in the shade, which makes them low-maintenance and easy to manage.

In the springtime, you’ll be rewarded with fragrant white blossoms that attract all kinds of pollinators.

Their only true requirement is that the soil drains well.

Skips do well in sandy soils, clay soils, and alkaline/acidic soils.

For the first week after planting, water your Skip laurel every day, then gradually reduce to once a week or every 10 days.

A good way to keep your soil moist is by applying a 3"-4" layer of mulch.

Skip laurel trees do not require pruning, but they respond well to it.

If you decide to prune, do it in spring after the tree has flowered or early summer.

Keep in mind that pruning will get rid of the berries that songbirds like to eat, and take away their opportunity to nest in your tree.

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