Pothos Pearls & Jade

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Pothos Pearls & Jade


  1. Pothos Pearls & Jade 4" $15
  2. Pothos N'Joy Pearls & Jade 4" $15
  3. Pothos Pearls & Jade 6" $35
  4. Pothos Pearls & Jade 8" $55

Pearls & Jade has white-tipped leaves. 

The variegation on their leaves appears on the edges rather than the center.

The whiter portions of the foliage are usually clouded with green and silver-gray shades.

Pearls and Jade Pothos have relatively smaller leaves than other varieties and they tend to grow slower too.

Basic pothos care is very easy.

These plants enjoy a wide range of environments.

They do well in bright indirect light as well as low light and can be grown in dry soil or in vases of water.

They will thrive in nutrient rich soil, but do almost as well in nutrient poor soil.

Pothos can tolerate low light but do well in direct light as well. 

Water when soil is dry to the touch.

Allow the water to drain thoroughly.

You can fertilize your pothos plant about once every three months.

This will help the plant grow more quickly.

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