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Spanish Moss

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Perfect to cover your pots or use on a craft project.

All natural and long lasting.

Spanish Moss - Tillandsia usneoides - is not a moss.

It is a bromeliad, which means it is in the same taxonomic family as pineapples and succulent house plants!

Spanish Moss isn't from Spain.

It is native to Mexico, Central America, South America, the U.S and the Caribbean.

In North America it grows from Texas to Virginia, staying in the moist areas of the South.

Its preferred habitat is a healthy tree in tropical swampland.

Although Spanish Moss grows on trees, it is not a parasite.

It doesn't put down roots in the tree it grows on, nor does it take nutrients from it.

This epiphyte thrives on rain and fog, sunlight, and airborne or waterborne dust and debris.

Wait, what is an epiphyte?

Epiphytes grow on other plants, but do not rely on them for nutrients.

They take nutrients from the air and debris that collects on the plant.

The surface of the Spanish Moss plant is covered with tiny gray scales, which trap water until the plant can absorb it.

The moss tissues can hold more water than the plant needs, which is beneficial to keeping it going through dry periods.

When the tissues plump up after a rain, Spanish Moss appears more green.

As the water is absorbed, it returns to a gray hue.

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