Michael Carr Planter Chevron 8.3" to 23"

$40.00 - $200.00

Michael Carr Planter Chevron

Color and Style: Chevron in Glossy Black, Glossy White


8.3"" $40

12.2" $115

17" $175

17.3" $185

23" $200

This line of pottery is very durable, combining the best of the Vietnam clays with a combination of glazes, as well as an special hand-added recipe of the Volcanic finish.

This collection has the appearance of lava running over a glazed planter, with the rich glazes coming through.

Michael Carr Designs Vietnamese glazes have the finest finishes in the market!

They are carefully selected to be the best of the best when they are taken out of the traditional wood fired kilns, as well as new state-of-the-art-super-sized gas kilns.

They are fired for up to eight days at temperatures reaching up to 2300 degrees.

This firing process makes these pieces some of the most weather resistant planters in the world.

The pieces that don't meet the strict criteria find their way to other sources which may bring them to market as number one quality pieces.

These glaze recipes are kept locked up and once you see these pieces, you will understand why.

We keep them special for you!

The Vietnamese glazes are 100% hand-made and applied.

The temperatures inside the kilns will vary from spot to spot.

This variation in temperature is what gives each piece its own unique color and finish.

This uniqueness is what makes the demand for these pieces so great.

Each piece is its own work of art.

No two are the same. 

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