Handcrafted Recycled Pallet Planters

$5.00 - $60.00

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with us today!

Handcrafted right here in East Harlem, NYC at the Urban Garden Center.

Because these items are handmade, our inventory fluctuates.

These planters originate from the recycled hardwood of pallets!

Our Creative Construction Team removes all the old nails and any broken pieces.

Our talented team of focused Craftsmen and Craftswomen cut, sand, buffer and make smooth these unique, always one-of-a-kind recycled pallet planters for use in or outside the home.

The planters can be used on patios, terraces, inside your apartment or house, or anywhere else you'd like to keep a plant and spread botany.

You can plant directly in the planters or insert a liner.

We reinforce these planters for long term use.

The mini-planter is also constructed from recycled pallet wood - mostly oak and sometimes pine.

The mini fits most small herbs and tropical plants in a growers pot.

Reach out to us if you want a size or design that isn't listed here, 

5"x5"x4" Mini-Pallet Planter


6"x6"x4" Mini-Pallet Planter


8"x8"x4" Mini-Pallet Planter



9"x7"x5.5" Mini-Pallet Planter



16"x6"x6" Mini-Pallet Planter



24"×6"×6" Window Box/Trough



16"×10"×8" Window Box/Trough



24"×10"×8" Window Box/Trough



36"×6"×6" Window Box/Trough



36"×10"×8" Window Box/Trough


12"x12"x12" Cube



16"x16"x16" Cube



20"×20"×20" Cube


24”x24”x24” Cube


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