Hamptons Estate Mulch Organic Hardwood


Hamptons Estate 100% Organic Hardwood Mulch

Size: 2cf $12


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No Dyes or Additives.

Locally manufactured in Long Island NY with LIC (Long Island Compost).

Mulching your plants is an important step in maintaining a healthy growing environment.

Mulch helps conserve moisture in the ground during the hot summer months by reducing surface evaporation and cooling the ground.

Later it warms the ground during the cold periods, protecting plants by regulating temperatures and preventing temperature extremes.

Mulch discourages weeds by keeping light from reaching them, eliminating their harmful competition with trees and shrubs.

This doesn’t mean a passing bird or animal or the wind will not blow a weed seed onto the mulch, but it is infinitely easier to pull the offender out of loose mulch than soil.

There are some do’s and don’ts to follow:

More is not better when it comes to mulch.

Too much mulch can be harmful to plants by retarding growth and even smothering them.

Two to three inches of bark mulch is plenty, but it must be replenished every other year as it organically breaks down.

A heavier mulch applied in the fall after the ground freezes to protect plants from heaving should be removed first thing in the spring after it thaws.

Rain cannot compact the soil under a protective layer of mulch, preserving your soil’s aeration.

Evaporation is also hindered by mulch, which reduces a landscapes water requirement.

Due to the nature of natural products, physical properties of any mulch will vary in size and color.

A good tip is to turn over your mulch every other month to retain its color.

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