GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Planting Mix


GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Planting Mix

Size: 2.5cf $17.99

Coconut coir is inert, meaning that it has no nutrients within it.

It may look like soil, but it is not soil.

This means you will need to add hydroponic nutrients and control the pH when using coco coir.

Use this block of organic coco coir planting mix to promote root growth for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more.

It works as both an indoor and outdoor planting mix and is ideal for hydroponics systems.

Although each block of mix is equivalent to more than 2.5 cubic feet of soil when water is added, it is lightweight and easy to carry and store.

Add the GROW!T mix into your growing system and notice the coco coir difference.


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