Goldfish Plant

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Goldfish Plant

Columnea Gloriosa


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The Goldfish plant gets its common name from the long, tubular orange-red flowers that look like leaping fish!

This is a perennial plant, and will last for several years with good care.

Long stems can reach up to 3' and are densely covered with thick, waxy, dark-green leaves.

These plants are somewhat sensitive to high temperatures and moisture on their leaves.

If you start to see browning or leaf drop, it could be that the temperatures are too high or the leaves are getting wet. 

Goldfish plants prefer bright light, but they don't like direct light.

An eastern facing window is perfect.

They can also successfully be grown under lights indoors, especially during the winter.

Utilize a light, fast-draining potting soil.

In the wild, goldfish plants are epiphytes, a type of plant that grows upon other plants, it will usually grow on a tree!

During the summer, water generously and keep the soil continuously moist.

In the winter, cut back on the water and allow the soil to become slightly drier.

This will encourage better blooming.

The soil should never dry completely out.

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