Firewood and Kindling

$11.99 - $155.00


16" Bundle (.75cf / 18lbs) $11.99

City Cord 16" Bundle (15 Bundles / 11.25cf / 270lbs) $155

Kindling (.30cf / 10lbs) $14.99

Certificate Of Insurance (COI) (If required by your building) $25

White Glove Delivery Walk-Up Per Flight (If applicable) $15

Firewood is a natural, organic product, the weights listed above are approximated. 

We offer Delivery of your Firewood, either Curbside or White Glove.

IMPORTANT: Changes Made To Delivery For Firewood

  • White Glove Delivery Walk-Up Per Flight (If applicable) $15
  • Certificate of insurance (COI) (If required by your building) $25

If you reside in a Walk-Up and choose White Glove Delivery, there is an additional $15 fee for each flight.

You can go to our Delivery Page to see more information.

If it is applicable, you will be required to add Walk-Up Per Flight here before proceeding to Checkout. 


After placing your order, please feel free to call, text, or email us to schedule your delivery date. 

White Glove Delivery does not include removing wood from the packaging. 

WHITE GLOVE Delivery Walk-Up is an additional $15 fee per flight for those requiring their order to be carried up (or down) flights of stairs (non-elevator/brownstone buildings etc).

WHITE GLOVE Delivery (base charge) is selected during Check Out.  

CURBSIDE Delivery will be delivered to building front/lobby only.

PICK-UP from our NEW location at 1560 Park Ave (111th St & Park Ave) in NYC (pick-up is free) is also available. 

What is a COI?

Some buildings require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for inside deliveries. 

Please confirm with your building (you can check with your Super, Landlord or Building Management Company).

If it is required, please send a copy of a COI from your building to - the process can take up to 1-2 business days.

Your COI is active from March to March in any given calendar year. 

We will keep your COI on file, and when the time comes for renewal we will inform you, or inform you the next time you place an Order and your COI needs renewal.

If you have any questions about COI, contact us at 646.389.4299 or email us at


Our firewood is a combination of hardwoods from the Catskill region of New York and Pennsylvania.

There are approximately 7 quarter split logs in each bundle. 

All of our firewood is kiln dried and free of insects and chemicals.

All firewood meets the specifications of the USDA, as well as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for invasive species control.


Kiln-dried and cut 9" to 11" long and split 1/8" to 1" thick, just the right size to start any fire.

Kindling is perfect to use when your firewood is damp, not seasoned properly, or if your firewood is too large to start on its own. 

Made of 100% natural wood that is USDA Certified.

Kiln Dried and packaged in a .30cf bag with a strong integrated-reinforced handle.

Kids love to play with these kindling pieces when used as all natural building blocks.

They can build roads, train tracks, log homes and forts.

The most inexpensive toy you can buy that kids will love, and will last a long time.

If you plan on children playing with the kindling, first check for rough or splintered edges.

What is a City Cord of Firewood?

A City Cord is 15 bundles of 16″ firewood (11.25cf) - which is approximately 1/4 of a Face Cord.

What is a Face Cord of Firewood?

A Face Cord is 16″ quarter split logs laid out 4’ H x 8’ L x 16″ W.

What is a Full Cord of Firewood?

A Full Cord is 16″ quarter split logs laid out 4’ H x 8’ L x 4’ W.


16" Bundle (.75cf) $11.99

City Cord 16" (15 Bundles / 11.25cf) $155

Kindling (.30cf) $14.99

Certificate Of Insurance (COI) (If required by your building) $25

White Glove Delivery Walk-Up Per Flight (If applicable) $15

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