Exotic Pebbles Copper Metal Reflective


Exotic Pebbles Copper Metal Reflective

Weight: 1.65lb

Average pebble size: 1/2"

Decorative pebbles designed for multiple uses.

Plant Toppers
Vase Fillers
Landscape Accents
Water Gardens
Fairy Gardens
Stone Mulch
Soil Covering
Arts and Crafts Projects

MULTIPLE FIRE APPLICATIONS: Perfect for any natural gas or propane fire pit or fireplace application.
MIRROR FINISH: With a mirror finish on one side, Reflective Fire Glass will allow flames to dance and glisten providing a brilliant yet elegant look.
ECO FRIENDLY: Reflective fire glass will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes.
MODERN LOOK: Remove your dirty & aging gas logs, wood or lava rock with a unique modern look.
GLASS THICKNESS & SIZE: Reflective fire glass is approximately 1/2" in thickness.



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