Euonymus Golden

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Euonymus Golden


Golden 3g $75

Golden 5g $105 

These beauties come in a Growers Pot, we have a planter containers and pottery category you may want to take a look at! 

Urban Garden Center Planters, Containers and Pottery

Highly ornamental shrubs that feature mottled bark and attractive winged fruits or showy foliage and white berries.

Varieties of euonymus can climb as vines or form small trees or low-mounding shrubs.

The winter-creepers offer the most dramatic foliage, usually variegated white and green or gold and green.

White berries persist on the plants through the winter, enticing resident birds.

For fall color, the burning bush sets the standard for flaming foliage among shrubs.

Euonymus in all its forms appreciates a fertile, moist soil that's well drained.

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