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Eucalyptus is a genus of more than 700 species of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae.

Most species of Eucalyptus are trees, often mallees, and a few are shrubs.

Along with several other genera in the tribe Eucalypteae, including Corymbia and Angophora, they are commonly known as eucalypts.

Eucalyptus plants need plenty of light, and perform best in a south-facing window. 

Eucs do well in moderate temperatures, between 65ºF and 75ºF.

If the temperatures dip below 50ºF, they suffer, so if you're growing them in pots, bring them indoors if they're outside.

A bit of humidity is good for eucalyptus plants.

Six hours a day of sunlight, minimum. 

Provide regular watering during the growing season.

Reduce irrigation frequency during the winter months.

The eucalyptus leaf is also often believed to have a purifying effect, as negative energy disappears in the place where you burn it.

Eucalyptus leaves have many impressive benefits.

They may help decrease pain, promote relaxation, and relieve cold symptoms.

Many over-the-counter products also use eucalyptus extract to freshen your breath, soothe irritated skin, and repel insects.

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