Coffee Plant 4"


Coffee Plant 4"

The same plant that grows coffee beans also makes a great houseplant!

Considered to be among the easiest and hardiest of houseplants, a coffee plant is great for both experienced or beginner gardeners.

Coffee plants prefer bright, but indirect, light.

They should be placed near a window, but not directly in the window itself.

You think it would, but the coffee plant does not smell like coffee!

They also cannot take temperatures below freezing, and will not do well in temperatures that stay consistently below 65 F.

Keep them away from drafts in the winter!

When growing your CP, the soil needs to stay moist, but not soaking wet.

Are you wondering if your Coffee Plant will actually be able to harvest coffee beans?

If the coffee plant is grown in ideal conditions indoors, it will eventually flower when it matures, which can take three to five years.

If grown in a colder climate, reduce watering in the winter season.

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