Ceramic Wall Brick Planter


Ceramic Wall Brick Planter

Choose from the colors Lilac, Sand or Seafoam!

Wall Bricks are 10" long and 2" tall and wide (LxWxH)

The Wall Brick has two holes on either side of the back, so you can mount this wall flower vase with a screw or a nail.

Say goodbye to boring, flat walls and hello to this colorful 3D wall flower vase.

These wall mounted plant holders make an excellent compliment for lighter neutral-colored furniture.

These beauties add a bit of spunk and a lot of elegance, or keep the neutral flow going and go with a softer color.

This item will help you start the vertical garden you've been dreaming of!

Hang the Wall Brick planter on any wall and fill it with succulents or cut flowers.

No green thumb required.

Just some TLC!


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