Calathea Plant

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Calathea Plant


  1. Calathea assorted 4" $15
  2. Calathea assorted 6" $35
  3. Calathea assorted 8" $70
  4. Calathea burle marx 6" $35
  5. Calathea dranatta 6" $35
  6. Calathea exotica 6" $35
  7. Calathea freddy 6" $45
  8. Calathea ketosa 8" $70
  9. Calathea lancifolia 4" $20
  10. Calathea lubbersii 10" $50
  11. Calathea medallion 4" $20
  12. Calathea medallion 6" $35
  13. Calathea musaica 6" $45
  14. Calathea network 6" $45
  15. Calathea orbifolia 4" $20
  16. Calathea orbifolia 6" $35
  17. Calathea orbifolia 8" $70
  18. Calathea ornata 4" $20
  19. Calathea ornata 6" $35
  20. Calathea peacock 4" $20
  21. Calathea peacock 6" $35
  22. Calathea peacock 8" $70
  23. Calathea rattlesnake 4" $20
  24. Calathea rattlesnake 6" $30
  25. Calathea rattlesnake 8" $50
  26. Calathea stella 4" $25
  27. Calathea vittata 6" $35
  28. Calathea white star 6" $35

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Calathea is a genus of plants belonging to the family Marantaceae.

There are several dozen species in this genus.

Native to the tropical Americas, Calatheas are popular Pot Plants due to their decorative leaves, and in some species, colorful inflorescences.

Inflorescences: The complete flower head of a plant including stems, stalks, bracts, and flowers.

They are commonly called Calatheas or like their relatives, Prayer Plants.

There are several houseplants in this lovely world of ours which are grown exclusively for their foliage, and the Calathea is one of these.

The leaves and plants themselves come in many shapes and sizes.

Each one will usually have gorgeous looking ornately patterned leaves.

On occasion the markings can look almost artificial, or painted on by a talented artist!

The leaves tend to stand stiffly away from the main plant, and if you are an attentive botany aficionado, you will notice that they change position slightly during the day in response to changes in temperature, humidity or moisture requirements - fascinating!

No direct sunlight for a Calathea.

Otherwise they will lose their markings. 

A north facing windowsill would be the first choice here, but any other situation will be acceptable, with the caveat that you can provide shielding from the direct sunlight that these locations would receive at some point during the day.

This beautiful specimen demands to be moist at all times, but not 'wet' or sitting in water.

This means regular small amounts of water during the growing seasons as soon as the surface starts to dry up.

The Calathea will cut you some slack and accept less water when things turn cooler and darker as winter approaches.

An indoor Calathea can reach a good age and size with correct care.

We do not warranty or guarantee any living plant. No returns or exchanges on live plants. All sales are final on live plants.

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