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Love the look of lush tropical foliage?

There is a plant that can help transform your garden landscape into a bit of the Hawaiian tropics, even if your winters tend to be less than balmy.

The word “banana plant” is a general term embracing a number of species or hybrids in the genus Musa of the family Musaceae.

Banana plants are being used more as indoor tropical foliage.

Interior banana plants often benefit from misting with water in the wintertime as moisture levels decrease with heating of your home’s air.

Hardy banana trees like to be grown in full to partial sun and well drained, moist soil.

The banana tree is actually a herbaceous perennial (the world’s largest) despite being referred to as a tree.

What looks like a trunk is actually tightly bound banana tree leaves.

This “trunk” is botanically referred to as pseudostem, which means false stem.

The interior of the banana tree pseudostem is where all the growth of the plant takes place, similar to a canna lily.

The giant leaves of the cold hardy banana tree - some species may become eleven feet long - serve a useful purpose.

During tropical storms or hurricanes, the leaf will shred along each side.

Although a bit unsightly, the raggedy look keeps the leaves of the banana tree from being snapped off in the high winds.

The hardy banana will then need good heavy mulch piled over the top of the remaining crown.

Sometimes, depending on the size of your banana tree, this pile of mulch may be several feet high.

For ease of removal the following spring, make a chicken wire cage to lay over the crown prior to mulching.

Hardy banana trees can also be container planted, which can then be moved to a frost free area.

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