Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant

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Also known as the Cast Iron Plant


  1. Cast Iron 8" $85
  2. Cast Iron 10" $135
  3. Cast Iron 14" $275

Aspidistra is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Nolinoideae, native to eastern and southeastern Asia, particularly China and Vietnam.

They grow in shade under trees and shrubs.

The Aspidistra is an old-fashioned, tough, leathery foliage house plant.

This plant is commonly known as the 'Cast-Iron plant' or 'Iron Plant'.

It gets this name from its ability to tolerate poor conditions both indoors or outdoors.

Aspidistra simply has no equal, and is a perfect plant for indoors.

Aspidistra will tolerate dust as well as heat, cold, wet soil, drought, neglect and dimly lighted locations.

It can withstand temperatures as low as 28F without injury to the foliage, and will make a great addition to cut flower arrangements.

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