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Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a commonly grown herb plant, popular for its fragrant aroma.

This easy-care plant enjoys hot, dry conditions, making it suitable for use in a variety of landscape settings, and is an excellent candidate for areas prone to drought.

As lavender is native to arid regions, the plant will not tolerate moist or overly wet conditions.

Therefore, it’s important to consider location when growing lavender plants.

They should be located in areas with adequate drainage, and spaced far enough apart to ensure good air circulation.

This will help reduce the chance of developing root rot.

Once established, lavender plants require little care or maintenance.

While they should be watered regularly early on, established plants need little water, as they are extremely drought tolerant.

Regular pruning not only keeps lavender plants neat looking in appearance, but also helps to encourage new growth.

Low-growing varieties can be cut back to the new growth, while larger types can be pruned to about a third of their overall height.

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Lavender 'Anouk' 5" $15

Lavender 'Super Blue' 6" $25

Lavender Assorted 6” $25

Lavender Bush 10" $75

Lavender 'Provence' 1g $25

Lavender 'Phenomenal' 1g $25

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