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Jasmine Plant

Sizes: 6" and 10"

The Jasmine plant has long been revered as a sacred plant of romance and love, and has been commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant throughout the world.

Originally from China and Northern India, Jasmine was brought to Europe by the Arabs.

With its heady fragrance, it has also been used historically as an aphrodisiac and an aromatic addition to teas.

Indoor jasmine plants actually benefit from spending time outdoors.

In summer, locate indoor jasmine plants in a partly sunny spot to encourage robust growth.

Jasmine flowers are set during another outdoor stretch of six weeks in the cool of autumn.

This encourages buds to form for the typical February bloom of jasmine flowers.

If indoor jasmine plants don’t bloom, it may be they’ve not been exposed to cool enough temperatures.

Decrease direct sunlight in winter.

Soil for indoor jasmine plants should be porous and may be modified with bark, coir or other organic materials.

The soil mixture should remain moist throughout the year, but not soggy.

Less water is needed during the resting period following bloom decline.

Back inside, place near a south window when growing jasmine indoors.

Indoor jasmine plants are vigorous climbers and need an indoor trellis or support for their vigorous growth.

Pruning is necessary when growing jasmine indoors.

As a shrub, jasmine requires frequent pruning since it can get lanky and semi-vining.

Common Jasmine grows to a height of 10' to 15'.

Prune out thin, old shoots after flowering, which occurs in the springtime, to shape the plant and restrain growth.

Plants that are pruned heavily in the spring will bounce back and flower profusely.

As you’re learning how to care for a jasmine houseplant, you may find it getting out of hand if you don’t prune regularly to keep it under control.

Prune heavily at the beginning of the spring growing season while training the twining vine to a support.

Indoor jasmine plants have a long lifespan when cared for properly.

Re-pot in spring.

Prune the roots when moving to fresh soil, as needed.

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