Hoya Assorted 2" to 10"

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Hoya Assorted

Hoyas aren’t technically succulents but are succulent-like with its fleshy, waxy leaves.

In the summer a Hoya should be watered every week.

In the winter every 2 weeks. 

Although many Hoyas are vines & shrubs in nature, some are epiphytic, just like bromeliads & orchids.

In short, Hoyas don’t like their feet to be consistently moist.

It’s better to underwater them than to over water.

Give your Hoya a shower every now and then.

It keeps the gorgeous foliage clean, dust & dirt free. 

Besides, it’ll temporary up the ante on the humidity factor.

Hoyas need bright, natural light to do their best.

Rotate it every couple of months so it gets the light evenly all the way around.

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Hoya Heart 2" $10

Hoya Heart Shades 2.5" $15

Hoya 4" $15

Hoya retusa in a Hanging Basket 4.5" $50

Hoya australis in a Hanging Basket 6" $50

Hoya 6" $45

Hoya Krimson Queen 6" $45

Hoya Variegated Rope 6" $70

Hoya carnosa compacta 8" $95

Hoya carnosa compacta totem 8" $225

Hoya exotica totem 8" $225

Hoya jade totem 8" $100

Hoya jade totem 10" $225

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