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Like many other plants in their native eastern Mediterranean climate, cyclamen naturally bloom in the fall, winter, and spring when the weather turns cool and damp.

Cyclamen flower colors range from white or pink to red or violet, with some cultivars being bi-color, often with darker colors on the nose.

Once a cyclamen flower fades, its stem coils tightly, pulling the seedpods back to the plant!

During the hot, dry summers, cyclamen become dormant.

Their foliage yellows and dies back, and plants show no signs of growth.

They store energy for the next flowering season in their round tubers.

The key to keeping cyclamen happy and healthy is to replicate their natural environment as closely as possible.

They thrive in cool temperatures that drop as low as 40 F at night, and rise into the 60s F during the day.

Place them close to a bright south, east, or west-facing window for maximum sunlight.

Cyclamen are a bit fussy about watering.

It's best to let the soil get somewhat dry between waterings, but not to the point of wilting.

When the pot feels light or the soil feels dry just below the surface, water it thoroughly and let it drain.

Pour out any water left in the saucer so that the soil doesn't stay soggy.

Fertilize with regular houseplant fertilizer for flowering plants.

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