WESTERN BBQ Smoking Chips add wood smoke flavor to food cooked on gas, charcoal grills or electric smokers. Use in a smoker box or aluminum foil pouch.

Great for both gas and charcoal grills
Kiln dried wood, 1" x 1" sized chips
100% Natural
Made in the USA

Apple is quickly becoming one of the most popular flavors of wood for grilling or smoking. Apple wood produces a mild yet delicate smoke with a hint of sweetness to add a very distinctive flavor to meats grilled or smoked with it. Apple is great for pork, fish, poultry and light meat game birds.

Cherry wood adds a similar mild and fruity smoke flavor as Apple but with a bit more punch. Cherry can be mixed with other fruit woods to develop a custom flavor. It can be used with vegetables, seafood, ribs, chicken, steaks, venison and beef-based sausages.

Mesquite, a long-time favorite wood in the South, has a strong, sweet, hard flavor - great with rich, full-bodied meats like beef, duck, chicken and lamb. It can also be used to flavor seafood and vegetables.

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