White Birch 3 Log Bunch 18"


Birch Baby, Birch!

Our Birch Log Bundle has 3 logs.

Each piece of this wonderous timber is 16"-18" long and approximately 3" in diameter.

Birch logs have not been kiln dried or treated in any way, all natural, from Mother Earth!

Birch trees are small to medium trees that usually grow in lowland areas, and have shallow root systems.

They are known for their waterproof bark, which is white, thin and paper-like, with dark horizontal stripes.

Firewood is generally categorized as hardwoods and softwoods.

Birch is considered one of the best woods to burn in the Hardwood Family, along with Ash, Red Oak and Maple.

Did you know Birch Trees come in a variety of species, including yellow, black and red?

Birch Firewood produces 20.2 million BTUs per cord, giving it one of the highest energy contents in wood.

BTU is an acronym for British Thermal Unit.

It's a form of measurement that measures energy.

Who remembers this from Science Class?

One BTU refers to the amount of energy that's required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by 1° F.

Birch burns at a medium to high heat, and doesn’t release heavy smoke or sparks.

When burned, it radiates a romantic blue flame, and is often the wood of choice for decorators because of its unique beauty.

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